A contemporary hub of residential, corporate and commercial buildings

The central idea was to provide a balanced scheme that participated in the city life. Car parking is scarce in the city so most developments have podium parking, presenting a blank and unwelcoming façade at ground level. Our Client wanted to create a more positive contribution to the public realm so all the parking is lifted up to the second and third levels, allowing for a public open space and commercial units at ground level.

The 13-storey office buildings take their geometric inspiration from the adjacent city walls. Deep reveals give a solidity to the building while allowing ventilation to be taken in locally. The internal layout is designed to work equally well as a cellular arrangement and as open plan. The apartment buildings provide a broad mix of accommodation– from one-bed up to four-bed apartments, with penthouses to the top two levels. The landscaping is designed to link across to a new park to the South and extensive wind tunnel testing was undertaken to ensure the safety and comfort of pedestrians at ground level.

Outline planning permission was achieved in early 2015 and the first phase was subsequently granted full planning permission and this is now on site. The completion of the first phase is scheduled for July 2017

Project Lead
Marc Roberts
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